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   GM Performance Parts Crate Engines
Big-Block Small-Block Gen 3/4 (LS1/LS2/LS3/LS6/LS7/L92/LSX)
Big-Block Crate Engines

Nothing matches the feeling of opening the throttle on an all-American big-block V-8! These are the engines that send chills up your spine while they try to rip the seat out from under you. Your car shakes, the sound is embedded in your soul, and memories are made that will last a lifetime. We want you to experience this in your own project vehicle, so GM Performance Parts has developed an entire line of big-block crate engines—at least one of them will be exactly what you want. From our base-line 454 HO to our mindnumbing ZZ572/720R that is delivered to you with a raucous 720 hp, we’ve got just what you need.
Small-Block Crate Engines

Is there anything more American than a small-block Chevy V-8? From the Z-28, the Stingray, countless generations of mid-sized sedans, and millions of pick-up trucks, America runs on our small-block V-8.  Now, you can take advantage of decades of development, design, and engineering with a GM Performance Parts crate engine.  We have an entire line of crate engines dedicated to providing you with the perfect starting point for your project car, restoring your musclecar, building a hot rod, or just getting a long-time friend back on the road.
LS1/LS2/LS3/LS6/LS7/L92/LSX Crate Engines

In 1997, GM introduced the world to the next generation of small-block V-8 performance engines. Dubbed the Gen III V-8, this family of engines was immediately met with unanimous approval by the automotive press. Enthusiasts have embraced the LS because they have powered some of the most spectacular performance cars ever produced—including the incomparable LS7-powered 2007 Z06 Corvette.  These are pushrod small-block V-8s with amazing power output and outstanding durability.  The LS family features high-tech fuel injection, aluminum blocks with 6-bolt mains, high - flowing cylinder heads, and pump-gas friendly performance numbers that rival most big blocks. They have been tested for 300 hours at maximum hp/tq rpm—a validation process that no one in the industry can match.

Time is everything these days—and you don’t want to waste any of it when searching for the right engine for your custom ride. That’s why GM Performance Parts’ line of ready-to-run, value-driven crate engines makes sense and cents. Here’s how:

 • Uncompromising performance—Every engine design is factoryengineered, tested and validated to provide great, tire-smoking power and excellent drivability. No one else builds to the GM standard!

• All-new "stuff"—All GMPP crate engines are brand-new. You don’t get used, reconditioned or rebuilt parts.

• Ready to run—Most GMPP crate engines require only a few additional parts—parts often available from your GMPP dealer—to become ready to run in your vehicle. Our Deluxe packages are so complete, they even include the carburetor and spark plug wires!

• Assurance—A 24-month parts and labor warranty for street usage comes with every GMPP crate engine, giving you peace of mind that can’t be matched by a home re-build, salvage yard find or many engine shops.

• Value—A nationwide network of dealers ensures GMPP crate engines have a connected network of support.

There are nearly 40 crate engine packages to choose from, from budget replacement engines to racing engines, as well as long-block and partial engine assemblies that make great starting points for finishing your own custom engine combination.

Your time is valuable. Spend more time enjoying your car or truck with a GMPP crate engine!

Small-block V-8 Engines Defined
General Motors recently introduced the Gen IV small-block V-8. Here’s a quick explanation of the different generations:

Gen I & II-style-The original Chevy small-block, introduced in 1955 and still going strong.

Gen III- All-new small-block design, yet retains 4.400-inch bore centers of Gen I & II-style engines. Introduced in 1997.

Gen IV- Similar architecture as Gen III, but updated design incorporates provisions for new technology. It also has a new block casting. Introduced on 2005 Corvette, SSR and GTO.

IMPORTANT! DISTRIBUTOR NOTE: A GM distributor or a GM melonized steel gear P/N 10456413 MUST be used with GMPP crate engines, long blocks and partial engines equipped with a steel camshaft or engine damage can occur.

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